Best Web app Technologies to Learn in 2019

Are you looking for a start of good career in web development, or you are already a professional developer seeking to upgrade your skill set? To be a web app developer in this technical world, it requires something more than passion towards the latest technologies to create applications and websites. It requires you to learn and to adapt new web app development technologies as they arrive.

This clearly means that software developers and companies have to be up-to-date in their game and should have ability to deliver cutting edge solutions to their clients. So, by studying these web development technologies your skills would be in very good demand in companies. More than just getting a job, learning the latest web technologies would make you stronger and more resourceful at your current job.

Here are top best web app technologies to learn in 2019

Cloud Computing

It is one of the most trending technologies in 2018, without a doubt. Cloud computing let companies to save their money, and it let users to simplify their computing needs.

Intelligent Apps (I – Apps)

Intelligent Apps technology is nothing but software pieces written for mobile devices depending on the machine learning technology and artificial intelligence technology, concentrated at making the complicated tasks easier. This technology involves tasks like logging interactions, content, organizing and prioritizing emails, scheduling meetings, etc.


PHP which stands for Hypertext Preprocessor is one of the evergreen and most popular scripting languages on the internet today. This technology consists a wide type of frameworks, every framework introducing a unique syntax that leads to a more sleek development experience.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is one of the trending and top technologies in web app development. By having skills in Artificial Intelligence, you could create a great user experience which will help in faster conversation of business by decoding the buyer intent.

WordPress 4.9

WordPress is one of the popular content management system available in the world today, adding value to a huge number of blogs as well as e-commerce and personal sites. In a survey, it is stated that every month more than 90 million new blog posts are created just on the WordPress platform alone.

Materialize CSS

Materialize is very similar to CSS framework that is designed by the Google in 2014 depending on material design for web development. This technology also helps in fasting up the development process and its main motto is on experience of user and Google also has ensured that it is very easy to work with it.

Motion UI

Motion UI is a SASS library that is implemented by Zurb that allow you to create CSS transitions and animations quickly. This Motion UI package includes a CSS file that consists a pack of ready-made transitions and animations with SASS source file which allows you to build your own one. With knowledge in CSS animations, you can enable and can add more style to your web app application thus letting you create a distinct site.

Internet of Things (IoT)

It’s one of the best technologies that found a great place in 2018. It connects many devices and builds a virtual network by which everything works through one monitoring center of sorts. It is a huge network of connected devices – all of which share or gather data about how they are used and the environments in which they are operated.

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