Web Design Options

Web Design is a rapidly growing industry due to the demands of business being conducted more online than ever before. Every business needs a website to survive in a competitive market in just about any industry. Luckily, there are many choices available for web design when planning your online presence. The goal is to find the best options for what you need and what will help you reach your end goals the fastest and most efficiently.

Template Editors vs Custom Website Design

Web design and web designers come in 10,000 different colors, shapes and sizes. When deciding that you and/or your business; such business in theĀ Concrete Pumping Brisbane for instance is in need of a website, there are two general questions to ask yourself. 1. Do I want to build the website myself? 2. Do I really know what I’m doing? Teaching yourself the actual art of web design takes a lot of time and dedication to get right. That is why there are much cheaper alternatives available.

Template Editor Websites are a perfect example of a cheaper, faster and much more user friendly way of building a website. Many companies even the service of you building your website for free, but you want to be aware of some very important drawbacks of choosing templates when building a website.

Here are a few drawbacks:

Drawback #1. Marketing your website: Most, if not all of the free template-based website companies who offer free layouts for you to use, give you limited to no access when accessing the code. This code is where you optimize your website for greater search engine rankings and better results. I have seen countless situations where somebody decides to build their own websites on a free template builder site, only to find out that their website and services are nowhere to be found when searching for them online.

Drawback #2. Advertisements. I can guarantee that with any website that you build through a free template building site, they will require you to display adds from sponsors who help pay to have the site available to viewers. This means that your access to change anything design/layout related, usually don’t exist.

Drawback #3. Domain name. Most of these free sites require you to use their name in your website’s domain name. For example, www.wix.com is a popular free template builder who requires you to use their name in the domain like “www.wix.yoursite.com. This doesn’t help SEO and is much harder for people to remember.

Custom Web Design

There are many benefits of hiring an actual web designer rather than building a template-based site on your own. Most of the good web designers have a very good understanding of building websites correctly that will greatly increase your chances of being seen online, higher chance of great search engine rankings, more flexibility when it comes to the actual design and layout of your site, and most importantly the one on one support that you don’t receive usually with a free template builder site.

Freelance web design companies and firms definitely charge more money for their services, though when hiring an expert to fulfill your website design needs, it will almost always yield positive results for your online endeavors.

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